As I Stand Movie

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This heartwarming story follows two families that are brought together by tragedy but forever joined through faith. Devin Wheeler and Matthew Daniels are loving, hard working men who believe in God, family, and helping others. Their lives quickly turn into a search for peace and understanding when a single horrific event impacts everything that they have ever loved. While Devin looks to his faith for strength, guidance, and refuge; Matthew shuns his faith placing blame and demanding answers. As the landscape of their lives continues to change, each man handles the road ahead in a very different fashion. An unlikely friendship would soon form, causing both men to meet at a crossroads faced with the same question…Would you love God for nothing? Written by Carlo Nicoletta



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Cast (via IMDB):

Ian Hutton – Devin Wheeler
Adam Griffith – Matthew Daniels (as Adam M. Griffith)
Vanessa Amador – Amanda Daniels
Thomas Hitchcock – John Daniels
Donna Del Bueno – Abigail Daniels
Kate Kenney – Jenny
Mark O’Brien – Mr. Lansing
Heide Stiel – Margret
Joseph Minolfi – Jogger
Miranda Lobs – Receptionist
Nino Spallacci – Mike (mailman)
Debbie Cihoski – Devin’s Mother
Ron Cihoski – Devin’s Father
Sandy Keegan – Angela
Josh LaReddola – Devin’s Brother



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